Friday, September 4, 2009

Day Trip, Edaville USA

OK, so my son is into ALL things Thomas the Train. When my husband heard there was to be a "real life" Thomas within driving distance all systems were go to make it happen. Turns out, Patrick didn't get as excited about seeing an actual Thomas the Train as we thought he would. However the day was wonderful and I discovered a new place for family fun.

Edaville, USA is a small amusement park in Carver, MA. When I say small, I mean no rides for anyone over the age of 10. There is a carousel, Ferris wheel, scrambler and a host of fun stuff for the tiny tykes to enjoy. My personal favorite is the area at the end of the park JUST for toddlers/preschoolers. They have old train engines and tractors that have been child proofed so the kiddies can play all over them. There's also a playground set under pine trees that provides plenty of shade so all can enjoy. Patrick, who is now 17.5 months was actually able to ride a flying turtle ride all by himself!!

The only negative I have is the park website states no outside food is allowed past a certain point. I decided to take our chances and pack a good lunch. I am used to dealing with a picky eater and didn't want to press my luck. Turns out, there were a lot of families there with similar aged children who also had the same idea. I kept my eyes open and the park employees seemed to be understanding and let the food thing slide. If you don't pack a healthy lunch be warned, you will be forced into the typical amusement park choices: Hot dogs, pretzels, fried know, the stuff that will come back to haunt you on you fifth train ride.

The Thomas the Train event is an annual event, so we will be going back again next year (if not sooner!)

Here's the webside for more information:

Budget Rating: 9/10 Children under two are free for the Thomas Event. We paid $18 for admission and because of packed lunch did not need to spend any more.
Child Rating: 10/10 This is a park designed with parents in mind. There is convenient stroller parking everywhere. It's flat and paved so I HIGHLY suggest you bring your stroller, just in case you are forced to deal with amusement park meltdowns.
Time: 5 hours, including two hours travel

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  1. We're getting ready to go see Thomas in Spencer, NC this weekend. I can't wait - we saw him last year at Tweetsie and had a ball!